Today’s is the 60th birthday of David Lewis Gedge, one of the most consistently excellent songwriters this nation has ever produced.

To celebrate this milestone, I’ve compiled an alphabetical list of my 60 favourite songs he’s written for The Wedding Present and Cinerama.

Totting up the totals shows most recent album “Going Going…” and long-established favourite “Seamonsters” have the most songs with 7 each. Next after that comes the massively under-appreciated Cinerama album “Disco Volante” with 6, followed by “Take Fountain” and “Valentina” with 5 each.

Interspersed through the list are a few crowd videos from various gigs I’ve been to over the years. If you know where to look you can see me bouncing around in a few of them!


Some of my Wedding Present CD collection

Some of my Wedding Present CD collection


Apres Ski (Disco Volante, 2000)

Bear (Going Going…, 2016)

Bells (Going Going…, 2016)

Bewitched (Bizarro, 1989)

Boing! (The Hit Parade single, August 1992)

Boo Boo (El Rey, 2008)

Broken Bow (Going Going…, 2016)

Careless (Torino, 2002)

Click Click (Watusi, 1994)

Come Play With Me (The Hit Parade single, May 1992)

Corduroy (Seamonsters, 1991)

Crawl (3 Songs EP, 1990)

Dalliance (Seamonsters, 1991)

Dare (Seamonsters, 1991)

Deer Caught In The Headlights (Valentina, 2012 & 2015)

Don’t Talk Just Kiss (Brassneck single, 1990)

End Credits (Valentina, 2012 & 2015)

Fifty Six (Going Going…, 2016)

Flying Saucer (The Hit Parade single, July 1992)

Gazebo (Watusi, 1994)

Hard Fast & Beautiful (Va Va Voom, 1998)

Heather (Seamonsters, 1991)

Heels (Disco Volante, 2000)

I Lost The Monkey (El Rey, 2008)

I’m Not Always So Stupid (Nobody’s Twisting Your Arm single, 1988)

Interstate 5 (Take Fountain, 2005)

It’s For You (Take Fountain, 2005)

Kansas (Saturnalia, 1996)

Little Silver (Going Going…, 2016)

Lovenest (Seamonsters, 1991)

Mars Sparkle Down On Me (Take Fountain, 2005)

A Million Miles (George Best, 1987)

Montreal (Saturnalia, 1996)

My Favourite Dress (George Best, 1987)

Mystery Date (Valentina, 2012 & 2015)

Niagara (Dalliance single, 1991)

No (Bizarro, 1989)

Nobody’s Twisting Your Arm (single, 1988)

Nothing Comes Easy (Nobody’s Twisting Your Arm single, 1988)

Once More (Tommy, 1988)

Perfect Blue (Take Fountain, 2005)

Rachel (Going Going…, 2016)

Ringway To Seatac (Take Fountain, 2005)

Rotterdam (Seamonsters, 1991)

Shatner (George Best, 1987)

Silver Shorts (The Hit Parade single, April 1992)

Sly Curl (Lollobrigida single, 2000)

Spangle (Watusi, 1994)

Sports Car (Mini, 1996)

Stop Thief! (Valentina, 2012 & 2015)

Superman (Disco Volante, 2000)

Take Me (Bizarro, 1989)

This Boy Can Wait (Tommy, 1988)

Two Bridges (Going Going…, 2016)

What Have I Said Now? (Bizarro, 1989)

Wow (Disco Volante, 2000)

Your Charms (Disco Volante, 2000)

You’re Dead (Valentina, 2012 & 2015)

Your Time Starts Now (Disco Volante, 2000)

You Should Always Keep In Touch With Your Friends (Tommy, 1988)

An appropriate one to end with because it was the first Wedding Present song I ever heard and David very kindly dedicated that song to me & my mates Rich, Mike and Simon at the Sheffield Leadmill gig in 2018.

There’s a Spotify playlist below but if you like the music please buy it. They have an excellent online shop which is closed at the moment but visit it when it re-opens and support the band.

You may notice that the playlist actually includes 61 songs. That’s because the “Valentina” was recorded by The Wedding Present and re-recorded by Cinerama. I can’t decide which version of “Stop Thief!” is my favourite so I included both.


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  1. Can’t believe I left Convertible off this list. 🙁

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