All this stopping in has not only brought about a rebirth of a much more regular Trust The Wizards podcast [We’ve only had one – Accuracy Ed.], but has also had our Kicker glued to his turntable more than ever.

Inspired in no small way by the social media DJ sets by friend of the pod, and member of the Kyle Sowashes, DJ Kyle Sowash, here’s Kicker’s attempt at an audience friendly eclectic mix. You’re welcome.*

The Playlist: In Trials of Lately


As always, we would urge you to seek out the songs you like and buy the physicality to support the artists.

  • All complaints to the usual address, please.

About kickerofelves1

Wizard-in-Chief for Trust The Wizards music podcast and blog. Guided By Voices fanatic.

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  1. Will Neville says:

    This has not improved my opinion of Blue Oyster Cult in the slightest…

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