Trust the Wizards is the genre-defying, epoch-crossing musical podcast that broadly casts its net to find the music that must be broadcast!
The wizards will specify, testify, glorify and bootify the musical landscape to locate musical slabs to build the wall of sound that is the Trust the Wizards podcast.
Let’s Play!
Who are these Wizards and why should I trust them?


Name Kicker of ElvesKicker Rebel RikkitRebel Chorizo GarbanzoChorizo
Year of birth 1968 1968 1970
Star sign
I’m guided by voices, not stars The Earth Bad Moon Rising
Shoe size
10 8 9 and a half
Football team LeedsLeeds United Bolton-WanderersBolton Wanderers qprQueens Park Rangers
Top 5 bands / artists Guided by Voices

The Who

The Clash

Bruce Springsteen

Big Star

Elvis Costello

The Clash

Bruce Springsteen

Damien Dempsey

Kate Bush

Elvis Costello

Bob Dylan


The Clash


Top 5 albums Bee Thousand – Guided by Voices

Murmur – REM

I’m Stranded – The Saints

Born to Run – Bruce Springsteen

Cheap Trick – Cheap Trick

Darkness on the Edge of Town – Bruce SpringsteenT

his Years Model – Elvis Costello

Raw Power – Iggy and The Stooges

Blue – Joni Mitchell

All Mod Cons – The Jam

London Calling – The Clash

Blue – Joni Mitchell

Doolittle – Pixies

Blood and Chocolate – Elvis Costello

Seamonsters – The Wedding Present

Do you want to see more of the wizards’ favourite albums? In December 2012, the 3 wizards chose their top 50 albums. Click here to see a fantastically nerdy Venn diagram of their choices.
Favourite food Large bread and butter pudding Indian or Mexican
Favourite drink whiskey and coke red wine pint of bitter please
Top 5 TV programmes The Killing

The Sopranos


The Wire

West Wing


The Simpsons

South Park

The Street


League of Gentlemen

South Park

The Wire

15 Storeys High


Top 5 films Paris, Texas

Betty Blue


The Godfather II

The Wicker Man

Dog Day Afternoon

Groundhog Day


This wonderful life

12 Angry Men (Henry Fonda version)

Once Upon a Time In America

Monty Python’s Life of Brian


Bubba Ho Tep

Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom

Favourite comedians Stewart Lee

Dave Gorman

Tommy Cooper

Stewart Lee

Bill Hicks

Tommy Cooper

Eric Morecambe

Paul Whitehouse

John Shuttleworth

Harry Hill

Doug Stanhope

Rik Mayall

Mitch Hedberg

Favourite joke I am the master of quick wit and ready repartee. The Aristrocrats doesn’t really work written down but it’s about a hitman called Artie.
Favourite sport (doing) Golf Golf Running
Favourite sport (watching) Football or test match cricket Football or test match cricket Football.

Cricket is a load of bollocks by the way.

Favourite books Henning Mankell

Iain Banks

sports/music biographies

Moondust by Andrew Smith

Systems Thinking in the Public Sector by John Seddon

Out of Crisis by William Edwards Deming

Philip K Dick

Douglas Adams

Richard Dawkins

music biographies

Let’s Have a Coffee: The Tao of Ian Holloway

Favourite smells freshly cut grass

vinyl records

the fear of a batsman

petrol stations

freshly baked gingerbread

Favourite places Beirut

Salvador, Bahia




Dayton, Ohio

Lac De Chalain, France



Weer, Austria




Lake District





6 responses »

  1. onelovestory2013 says:

    Hey fellas, The Sun Yard by schizo fun addict is a free Christmas download accompanying the 10th anniversary vinyl release on Fruits de Mer

  2. nickreeves says:

    Rebel Rikkit’s got no nose.
    Oh? How does he smell?


    Er, without being too (tea double oh) weird, going by the above listings, either I’m 68% the sum of you three or you’re 68%… no, NO! Too weird!

  3. Nathan Hall says:

    Hi do you want a review copy of the new sinister locals album “Pointing paw”?

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