About 10 years ago, our Kicker came across an article from the American music magazine, The Big Take Over that featured not only a hugely entertaining interview with Guided By Voices main man, Robert Pollard, but also a list.

And we all love lists, don’t we? #ALLDW

The article had been published in 2001 and referenced a Spring tour undertaken by Guided By Voices for which Pollard had provided the listening material for the band while on the road. The list was all the music Pollard had committed to tape – 62 cassettes in all – featuring his favourite records from the late 60’s.

As a religious follower of all things Pollard, Kicker noted that although he already owned a good number of the albums listed – either on vinyl or CD – there were many that he had never heard or even heard of. He therefore made the fully understandable decision to find all the missing records on the list and create the complete playlist for himself. This labour of love came to an end earlier this year with the acceptance that the three (very expensive and heartbreakingly rare) singles on the list could be counted as owned if found on compilation albums.

This year Chorizo Garbanzo turned 50 and to mark such an auspicious occasion, Kicker presented him with a collection of all the records on the completed list burned to CD. There were about 80 CDs in total.

As it turned out that the vast majority of the music on these CDs would be new to Chorizo, the wizards have decided to spend time listening to the albums together – taking them a tape at a time – and discussing them on a new spin-off podcast Trust the Wizards discuss Robert Pollard’s Guide To the Late 60’s that will be released fortnightly.

At the end of each discussion the wizards’ favourite, and least favourite tracks will be nominated and albums will be given a definitive TTW grading.

Where available we will also be posting links to where you can listen to the music and put up polls on social media so you can tell us just how wrong we get things.

Here’s our Introductory Podcast

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