This is the one all the cool kids have been waiting for. Yes, Chorizo Garbanzo trawls through the obscure cuts of 2013 to present his definitive best of the year.

With correspondence from many of the bands to share and a totally unnecessary quiz, the wizards rattle on for far too long so are happy to break the podcast down into two tasty bite-size morsels for your delectation.

Chorizo’s best of 2013 (Part 1)

Chorizo’s best of 2013 (Part 2)

Check out a few of the selections on the podcast here adorned by little Chozza.

wedding present sacw niagra mulcahy kod handsome family Graham Parker & The Rumour Three Chords Good

Look out for Rebel Rikkit’s best of 2013 coming real soon.

Best of 2013 selections


Best of 2012 selections




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  1. Here are those all important tracks in the order they were played:

    1. Fireball – Life Coach
    2. Octopus – The Handsome Family
    3. Give Your Love – Neat Beats
    4. Japan To Jupiter – Kitchens Of Distinction
    5. Too Old – Swimm
    6. Two Bridges – The Wedding Present
    7. Hell! – Witchboy
    8. Bats – The Uncluded
    9. Dogon Genesis – Lumerians
    10. Burning And Other Misfortunes – Bogsey & The Argonauts
    11. Let The Fireflies Fly Away – Mark Mulcahy
    12. Tell Tale Signs – Frank Turner
    13. Arlington’s Busy – Graham Parker & The Rumour
    14. Clash The Truth – Beach Fossils
    15. Cop – Wavves
    16. Man Stands Up – Shudder Pulps
    17. Seal – Niagra
    18. Spring St. – Scott & Charlene’s Wedding
    19. I Hate This Town – John Grant
    20. Tape Song – New Science Projects

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