Join the Wizards’ New Year’s Party, where they consider Rebel Rikkit’s verdict on the best music of 2013.

Of course, there will the obligatory discussion on how to define a Mouldy Peach and when it’s safe to marry one.  Also, the quiz on collective nouns everyone was waiting for!

Click the link below and enjoy as Rebel serves up doubles all night to create your ideal New Year’s Eve Party Mix!

Rebel’s Best of 2013 Podcast

Rebel 2013

Check out all the other Wizards’ “Best Of” selections below:

Best of 2013 selections



Best of 2012 selections




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  1. Here are those party tracks in full:

    1. The Corner Man – Barrence Whitfield & The Savages
    2. Peach Blossoms – Eels
    3. Summer Somewhere – Screaming Maldini
    4. Paradise Mislaid – Julian Cope
    5. You’ve Got Time – Regina Spektor
    6. Psalms – Heliotropes
    7. Eleonora – Laura Stevenson
    8. Goddess – Crime & The City Solution
    9. Work! Work! Work! – Stagecoach
    10. My Friend My Enemy – Elektrik Kezy Mezy
    11. Back Out – Janice Graham Band
    12. Straight And Narrow – Richard Thompson
    13. Skulking – Mazes
    14. Take It Or Leave It – Ugly Heroes
    15. Strange Warnings – Rose Elinor Dougall
    16. From Hersham To Heaven – Luke Haines
    17. Any Road – Boy George
    18. Jubilee Street – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
    19. Love’s Been Good To Me – Edwyn Collins

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