We’re back and this time we’ve got the full lineup all in the same place at the same time.

Podcast number 3 has all the wizards united for their first recording as a trio. This time around it’s Chorizo Garbanzo picking his favourite tracks of 2012 and the Wizards debate Dutch Elm Disease, the isolation of parrots and whether violin players should comb their hair.

As usual, send your comments, compliments, complaints, comebacks, communications, commiserations or cormorants to the usual places (TwitFace etc)

Boring techy bit now…..

We had a few technical difficulties with this one so apologies for the mysterious variations in volume and reverb near the start, please bear with us on that. It gets sorted out about halfway through and remember that like Bilbo we’re only just starting out on this adventure.

Wizards out!

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  1. kickerofelves1 says:

    Here’s the full track listing:

    The Cloud Nothings – No Sentiment / Lee Ranaldo – Angles / The Wedding Present – You’re Dead / Delicate Cutters – Rattling From Our Cages / Tindersticks – Show Me Everything (Live) / Chuck Prophet – The Left Hand And The Right Hand / Sparrow – Black Leaves / The Magnetic Fields – The Horrible Party / Tender Trap – MBV / The Corner Laughers – Grasshopper Clock / Antibalas – Dirty Money / The Lovely Eggs – Don’t Patent That Shoe / Tim O.T. – My Pizza Comes From High Street Chains / The Proclaimers – I Think That’s What I Believe / Gravenhurst – The Prize / The School – Never Thought I’d See The Day / Dick Valentine – I Am Repulsed By My Daughter’s Lover / Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Black Thoughts / Dexys – I’m Always Going To Love You / Robberie – I Look Back On This City And Fall In Love With Her / Simon Love’s Cock And Balls – Motherfuckers

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