Just the one album under discussion from Tape 2 – the self titled 1968 double album, commonly know as The White Album, by those loveable  moptops moustachioed hippies, The Beatles.

Have a listen to the wizards discuss the 30 track behemoth right here and discover just where they first heard these tracks and where exactly Kicker’s CD copy (see above) comes from.

Not only do the wizards give the album the all important TTW grade, they also consider what a single 12 track album might look like.

Here’s the chatter:

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And here are those wizard’s single albums:


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  1. An interesting listen – obviously I disagreed with practically everything said, but nothing new there! Neither of you picked While My Guitar Gently Weeps, which I often consider my favourite on the record; and both selected Glass Onion and Savoy Truffle, two of my least favourites. Oh, and Revolution 9 is a lot longer than 3 minutes as it’s 8:15. I’m astounded neither of you picked Don’t Pass Me By in your bottom 5 as it’s much maligned (but it’s Ringo, so it’s ace). Worth stating that a score of 5 shows extreme cloth eared-ness. And for the next one, it’s Sgt with a dot and not just Sgt, just to be extremely anal

    • Thanks, Will. I think we both mentioned WMGGW and were in agreement that it stinks. You are, of course, correct about the duration of Rev 9, which seems like it goes on for days rather than minutes. Your keen punctuation has been noted: do you include an apostrophe for Pepper’s despite it not appearing on the cover? We do.

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