Earlier this week, I waxed lyrical about The Wedding Present and their magnificent Hit Parade singles from 1992 on this blog post.

The following night I went to see them play in Liverpool. We sometimes do gig reviews on this site but I really don’t know what to say about this gig other than it was FUCKING BRILLIANT! The new single “Two Bridges” is an instant classic.

Before the gig I gave David Gedge a printout of the infographic thing I made. Not quite sure what he made of it but it was good to have a little chat with him and also with top blokes Patrick (guitar) and Charlie (drums) after the gig.

Here’s a picture of the man himself with my creation.

Thanks to New Zealand’s number 1 Wedding Present fan for that photo.

And here’s the obligatory poor quality gig photo.

The Wedding Present Liverpool 29th October 2013

Here’s the graphic thingy again and here is a hi-res PDF version.

The Wedding Present Hit Parade

Whilst you’re here, don’t forget to vote in our Wedding Present poll below.


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  1. Gedgey (as no-one calls him) looks as if he has been handed a giant piece of paper by a nutter. Oh.

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