In this show, the wizards get to grips with a whole bunch of new records, discuss the legacy of surf guitar and discover Argentina’s latest musical sensation. Rebel Rikkit’s World of Ska finally gets round to visiting Poland and inspires a quiz that features both Chutney and Spouge. Oh. yes! Meanwhile, Chorizo Garbanzo not only offers the listener a prize, but nearly buys Kicker of Elves a present.


this is what you get the man who’s got everything (by gbv)

You can download and listen to the whole caboodle by clicking on these very words or hitting go on the soundcloud player below.


Some of the physicality we played and talked about on the show:


gbv fanclub treasures

gbv fanclub treasures


a vagrant invades the stage

a vagrant invades the stage

Here’s a full scan of the Postal Blowfish Official Guided By Voices Fanclub Publication, December 1997, Volume 1 of 1. img002 img003 img004 img005 img006 img007 img008 img009 img010 img011 img012 img013 img014 img015 img016

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  1. These are the tracks we played on this podcast:

    1. Charles Strickland Express – Ballad Of The Virtual Musician
    2. Levellers 5 – What’s My Name?
    3. Swami John Reis & The Blind Shake – See Saw
    4. Guided By Voices – Postal Blowfish
    5. Faerground Accidents – We Hate The Same Things
    6. Radio KWG – The Road Ahead
    7. Billordo – Sobrevivientes
    8. Cinerama – Superman
    9. Bjork – Lion Song
    10. Vavamuffin – Bless
    11. Brown Sugar – I’m In Love With A Dreadlocks (excerpt)
    12. Richard Dawson – The Vile Stuff

  2. Another great pod. Completely disagree about the new Dylan album, though. Got it on now and it’s fabulous. But then I also love all his recent albums (perhaps not as much as this one; and the Christmas one is ace!)

    • You clearly have a stronger constitution than me, Will. The Dylan album is not, perhaps, as bad as I made out, but I can’t see me listening to it again anytime soon. Time Out Of Mind is excellent though, might just have to go and put it on now…

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