This podcast reveals the truth behind the identification of one of the wizards that you may well find shocking. Not as shocking as one of Rebel Rikkit’s musical selections, mind.

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which wizard could this be?

We also play a load of new songs from some of our favourite bands, take Rebel Rikkit’s World of Ska back home, and allow one wizard to show a remarkable porcine knowledge.

Get stuck in right here and no skipping tracks!

Some of the physicality we played on the show:

And, yes, Rebel Rikkit’s got merch…

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Wizard-in-Chief for Trust The Wizards music podcast and blog. Guided By Voices fanatic.

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  1. These are the tracks we played on this show:

    1. Pixies – Motorway To Roswell
    2. SoKo – I Thought I Was An Alien
    3. Al Lover – Chinese Fountain
    4. The Efts – CTRL ALT DEL
    5. The Strike-Outs – Third Grade Aviator
    6. Teen Girl Scientist Monthly – We Run With Gangs (Gang Version)
    7. Woog Riots – George Harrison
    8. The James Badfellows – Principia Romantices
    9. Bushman – Robbery Aggravation
    10. We Show Up On Radar – It Should Be You And Me
    11. Life Without Buildings – PS Exclusive
    12. Tacocat – I Hate The Weekend
    13. NARCS – Pig
    14. Alan Wilkinson – Ear Wax
    15. Jonathan Richman – Government Center

  2. The Efts says:

    Thanks Wizards! We love being on the same podcast as a track from Pixies’ Trompe le Monde. We celebrate the entire discography of Pixies, but Trompe le Monde is easily our favorite album of theirs. Great work sirs!

  3. Probably the best show ever (at least in the quality of the music) – ordered a couple of CDs off the back of it and will explore a few more…

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