The wizards kick off their latest podcast on the receiving end of a lecture, but recover to bring you some of the more interesting music from Australia, America and, er, Nottingham.


bloody hippies

There’s also room for some suggestions for bands whose whole recorded output just got better and better, and talking of which, we also have an exclusive play of a track from the new Joseph Airport album. Oh, yes.

So get yer ears pointing in this direction and tune in to all the fun and games.

Some of the physicality we played on this show:

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  1. These are the tracks we played on this show:

    1. Buzzcocks – Fast Cars
    2. Darren Hayman – Drive Too Fast
    3. Royal Chant – Dick Move
    4. Fists – Ascending
    5. Would-Be-Goods – Too Old
    6. Lullaby For The Working Class – The Self-Portrait Of A Contortionist
    7. Rangda – To Melt The Moon
    8. Emma Pollock – Don’t Make Me Wait
    9. Stephen Malkmus – No More Shoes
    10. Schneider TM – Light 300
    11. Nirvana – Where Did You Sleep Last Night
    12. Sparklehorse – Don’t Take My Sunshine Away
    13. Joseph Airport – Inkblot Rembrandt

    Oh, and Kicker’s Question was…

    Who is playing under the name Shirley Williams on Brian Eno’s Before & After Science?

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