(EDIT FROM 2021: Please note this podcast dates from 2016 which was before Ezra said that her preferred pronouns were “she / her.” Other pronouns are used to refer to Ezra in this recording. No disrespect is meant by this and we fully support the right for anyone to choose how they want to be known.)

Manchester was the place to be last week for the first date of Ezra Furman and The Boyfriends latest tour. The night was made even more special by a rare live appearance from the enigmatic Texas troubadour Delmore Huggs.

You can hear what we made of it all right here.

Have a look at our photos below.

A whole load of far better pictures by proper photographer Andrew Benge can be viewed here.

More Ezra Furman on our website:

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  1. shelley says:

    Thanks for posting this. It has made me even more gutted not to have been there than I was before! Can’t believe he played Kirsten Dunst, would give my right elbow to see that one live.
    Thought I would help you out with the band names.
    Sam is the drummer, Jorgen Jorgensen is the bass player, Ben Joseph is the keyboard player and Tim Sandusky is the sax player, producer and secret mastermind (and plays maracas). Also, I think the Misfits cover was Where Eagles Dare (I blooming love that track).

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