The final word on the best music of 2015? It is as far as us wizards are concerned as Rebel delivers his verdict. In addition the long awaited “Name the final member of the band quiz” is launched to literally no fanfare.

Can You Name Him?

Can you name him?

Oh, and here is a word from Stephen Jones…

Never to be released!

Never to be released!

You can listen and download the whole rip, rapping, spirit sapping noise fest right here!

Physicality played on the show: Click for links to the artists:






Other artists played are:

Kimono Beach Party, Ezra Furman, Du Blonde, Hop Along, The Nightingales, Lonely Tourist, Squeeze, Stephen Jones, The Thyme Machine, Arca, The Doped Up Dollies

Don’t forget all the other best wizard selected music!

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