You’ve probably already read what Tony Visconti wrote on his Facebook page but in case you haven’t seen it:

Tony Visconti

We have been talking about recording a “David Bowie special” podcast for a long time without ever actually getting round to it. Todays sad news has made us get our arses into gear so we’re going to get that done very soon.

In the meantime we’ve compiled a list of our favourite David Bowie albums. It’s probably no great surprise that “Ziggy” and “Hunky Dory” have come out on top.  But what is quite revealing is the number of different albums chosen, spanning from 1969 to 1995, a reflection of just what a strong back catalogue he has.

david bowie graph

Here’s a playlist of the new album “Blackstar” mixed in with a whole bunch of our other favourites.


Wham bam thank you man!



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  1. Looking forward to your Bowie pod. Can’t argue with the Top 2 albums of his, my fave flips between those 2.

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