Just like lopsided-haircut friend of the pod, Phil Oakey nearly once put it, we’re back, back, yeah, back.

Naturally, after our extended football-focussed hiatus, we have plenty to chew over. So much so in fact, that we will be releasing 2 podcasts over the next few weeks full of the usual vim, vigour and veritable verbosity.

time for a kickerstarter campaign?

time for a kickerstarter campaign?

After an appropriately jolly start to this first part, we discuss albums that we really should have been all over last year, but weren’t, and are inspired to introduce an unlikely furniture based quiz to proceedings. In the midst of all this we not only take full credit for one of the best releases of this year, but also have an interview with a real musician from a band who we really think are on to something good.

You can download all the hoopla right here and stream the whole of the podcast below.

Look out for Part Two coming your way in a couple of weeks!

Some of the physicality mentioned in this half of the show:

DSCF4121 DSCF4117 DSCF4116 DSCF4111 DSCF4112 DSCF4119 DSCF4120 (1024x967)

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Wizard-in-Chief for Trust The Wizards music podcast and blog. Guided By Voices fanatic.

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  1. Here’s the tracklist for this half of the podcast:

    1. Mr Jolly Fucker – Sleaford Mods (single)
    2. Avant Gardener – Courtney Barnett (The Double EP: A Sea Of Split Peas)
    3. At The Bottom Of The Ocean – Ezra Furman (Day Of The Dog)
    4. Secret Lives Of Furniture – Ha The Unclear (Bacterium, Look at Your Motor Go)
    5. Forty Days Of Rain – Roddy Frame (Seven Dials)
    6. All American Boy – Guided By Voices (single)
    7. Bags Of Water – Josh Woodward (The Beautiful Machine)
    8. I Look Good On You – The Wild Eyes (single)

  2. Now I want to know what David Thomas from Pere Ubu ever did to you….!

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