It goes without saying that we love the new Sleaford Mods LP and appreciate its punk rock social realism. We also very much enjoy its profanity and are happy to confirm that it includes: 45 fucks, 12 cunts, 6 shits, 5 sods, 4 bastards, 3 craps, 3 twats, 3 pisses, 2 wankers, 2 arses, 2 bollocks (naturally), 1 tit and 1 titcake.
This calls for a graph.


Click on picture to see full size version

Please note that we weren’t fooled by the song below.

In addition, “that tool from Blur” gets mentioned but tool isn’t a proper swear word is it? That smug cheesemaking twat, or come to think of it any member of Blur, can be adequately described using any combination of the words shown in the graph above.

For example, “that bassist from Blur is a pisscunt” and “that singer from Blur is a fucktwat”

From left, Graham Coxon, Alex James, Damon Albarn and Dave Rowntree of Blur.

aaaaaaaaaaaall the fucktwats, so many fucktwats.

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  1. All that swearing’s great but I also like the bit in Bronx in a Six where he calls someone a “silly billy”

  2. Frankie Boyle on Blur: “A cheese making cunt, a New Labour cunt, a Mockney cunt and a cunt”

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