Great googly moogly, it’s Monday again.

To help smooth your start to the week, have a listen to a couple of ripsnorters from back in the day.

We’ve got Throwing Muses and Red House Painters lined up, but what connects the two?

I reckon this is an easy one as there are two clear (to my fuddled mind at any rate) connections, so you’d better be quick off the mark to beat serial link finders, Vampire of the Sun and Texas Paul.

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  1. Both on 4AD.
    Can’t be that simple though can it?

  2. Vampire of the Sun says:

    The only thing I can think of offhand, besides the 4AD link, is the sort-of similarity between the album titles The Real Ramona (Throwing Muses) and Old Ramon (Red House Painters). Is this way off the mark?

    • I like your devilish way of thinking, Vamp, but no that’s too tenuous for even me. You’ll see the link if you know what album each song is from and have an overview of each band’s discography. I could have chosen Tindersticks ‘Nectar’ too.


  3. Tony S says:

    Is it having multiple self titled albums?

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