What’s the biggest rock and roll contradiction? Multi-millionaire John Lennon singing “imagine no possessions”? Maybe.  The devil-embracing Velvet Underground singing the song “Jesus”? Possibly.  Or is it the sight of 74 year old Ian Hunter singing “All The Young Dudes”?


The wizards find out tonight  as they visit the Apollo Theatre in Manchester, England and tell you all about it in the mini podcast here.

images-130All the old dudes, carry the new-ews, boogaloo-doo…


Having dropped Rebel off at Rikkit Towers, the songs that Mott played in the first half of the gig came back to Kicker, at least in part. They included (possibly) any or all of the following:

One Of The Boys, The Moon Upstairs, Walterlow, Walking With A Mountain and When My Mind’s Gone. They definitely opened with Rock And Roll Queen. We also had a poignant burst of The Last Time.

Do You Remember Sunday Gigs? Well, to be truthful, only in part.

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