So, two of the wizards head east to see if Pixies have still got what it takes to be a live phenomenon and, in a very real sense, the real deal. On their way they bump into a firm Pixies-believer and cousin of Texas Paul, one Terry Bull. Between them they share their expectations and hopes for the gig and, amongst other inaccuracies, inadvertently get their Black Francis references a generation out.

from a planet of sound

from a planet of sound

Post-gig, all three reconvene on a wave of mutilation to give you the low-down on the performance, the set list, the lights and also suggest how you might want to deal with unwanted stand-upperers. Gouge away!

sit the fuck down

sit the fuck down

All this can be heard right here and, what’s more, you can share the view from the balcony on some top video footage below.

The wizards’ estimated 30 track set was way off the mark. Here’s what was actually played:

1. In Heaven
2. Andro Queen
3. Cactus
4. Ed Is Dead
5. Indie Cindy
6. Nimrod’s Son
7. Here Comes Your Man
8. La La Love You
9. Mr Grieves
10. Subbacultcha
11. Distance Equals Rate Times Time
12. Something Against You
13. Bone Machine
14. Brick Is Red
15. Bagboy
16. Ana
17. Levitate Me
18. Tony’s Theme
19. I’ve Been Tired
20. Hey
21. Magdelena 318
22. What Goes Boom
23. Isla De Encanta
24. Monkey Gone To Heaven
25. Another Toe In The Ocean
26. Gouge Away
27. Wave Of Mutilation
28. Rock Music
29. Debaser
30. Blue Eyed Hexe
31. Caribou
32. Motorway To Roswell
33. Winterlong (Neil Young cover)
34. The Holiday Song
35. Vamos
36. Where Is My Mind?
37. Big New Prinz (The Fall cover)
38. Head On (The Jesus & Mary Chain cover)
39. Planet Of Sound

Should you feel so inspired, you can also have a listen to the wizards’ choice of Pixies songs – much of which made it on to the setlist.

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  1. A pretty even mix of source material there. I reckon it works out at a Rikkit pleasing:

    Doolittle 8
    Come On Pilgrim 8
    Surfer Rosa 6
    Trompe Le Monde 5
    EP1 4
    Non LP single A or B 3
    Bossanova 2
    New Unreleased 2
    Unreleased Covers 1

  2. Sounded like a great night.
    Not only was I at that Sheffield gig that Kicker mentioned, I was also at Glastonbury that time that Terry was talking about (it was 1989)
    and I would’ve totally kick Kicker’s and Terry’s sorry asses in that quiz. Knew the David Lovering question, also Charles Michael Kittridge Thompson the FOURTH! (not the third Kicker).

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  4. […] standout track from Pixies EP1 and a track that seamlessly fitted in with their back catalogue when performed live. Live, of course, without the coolest Pixie of them all (as definitively decided by our poll), Kim […]

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