Showing scant regard for particular dates, but nevertheless wishing to respect the phenomenon that is Mark E Smith, the wizards come together to celebrate the great man’s 60 years of life and musical genius.

KoE Fall Collection

To assist them in maintaining the degree of accuracy they are rarely, er, rightly synonymous with, they have hauled in a proper journalist and all-round Fall expert in the form of Getitntothis‘s Will Neville. They also forced him to create a quiz. The bastards.

In this first part, of thankfully only two (Part Two is now available here), you get to hear how both Chorizo Garbanzo and Rebel Rikkit discovered The Fall and a whole bunch of Fall and Fall related music. And some terrible impressions. So, tune in immediately here and there:

Some of the physicality played and discussed on this show:


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  1. The tracks-uh:

    1. Inspiral Carpets (feat. Mark E Smith) – I Want You
    2. Blancmange – The Fall
    3. The Fall – Mr Pharmacist
    4. The Fall – Last Orders
    5. The Fall – The Birmingham School Of Business School
    6. The Fall – Hit The North, Part 1
    7. The Fall – What About Us?
    8. The Big Bopper – White Lightning
    9. The Fall – The Classical
    10. The Fall – Shoulder Pads 1
    11. The Wedding Present – Take Me!
    12. The Fall – Venice With The Girls
    13. The Fall – Birthday Song

  2. By the way, my site is Undilutable Slang Truth not Undiluted Slang Truth… see here:

  3. […] by lack of popular demand, the wizards return with this second (here’s part one if you missed it) show dedicated to the genius of Mark E […]

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