They’re back! Back! Baby! Back! Yes, the wizards have once again reconvened (at a safe social distance) to bring you the best of their record collections.

This show not only has punk, it has funk, absolutely no junk or gunk, in fact it’s a slam dunk from the two hunks! Ahem. OK, so all the factually correct information comes via listener correspondence, and the less said about the culinary content, the better, but still, it’s the d’s b’s!


a source of knowledge


You can hear all the shenanigans and 10 (TEN) top notch tunes right here, or if you’d rather, down there:


Turn away now if you don’t want to know what’s coming up. Otherwise, here’s what we played:

  1. The Edsel Auctioneer – Undertow
  2. Chairmen Of The Board – Elmo James
  3. The Flatmates – Something In My Eye
  4. White Reaper – Wolf Trap Hotel
  5. Adult Net – Take Me
  6. Elvis Costello – My Little Blue Window
  7. Circus Devils – Diamond Boys
  8. The Bobs – Something In My Ear
  9. Elliott Smith – Pictures Of Me
  10. Eilis Frawley – Intellectual Men


The physicality:



yr life’s work? that’ll be £8.95




not necessarily food, apparently

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