The wizards return to present an unprecedented mix of Eastern and Western culture and cuisine.


how could this possibly be improved?


They out cool bands with uncool names, clarify once and for all Chorizo Garbanzo’s role on the podcast, and mostly refrain from being (too) unpleasant to listeners. It’s all good. There’s even a hashtag to follow (#SelfIsolatingBandTshirts) and some guidance on the pronunciation of difficult words.

You can hear all that and 10 (TEN) top notch tunes right here, or if you’d rather, down there:


Turn away now if you don’t want to know what’s coming up. Otherwise, here’s what we played:

  1. Robert Pollard – Each Is Good In His Own House
  2. Axolotes Mexicanos – Te Quiero
  3. Tremolo Ghosts – Behemoth
  4. Thousand Yard Stare – Precious Pressures
  5. Ulrika Spacek – Beta Male
  6. Synthetic Villains – Yes, We Have No Bonanza
  7. Urusei Yatsura – Majesty
  8. Public Enemy – By The Time I Get To Arizona
  9. Zekeultra – Hurts
  10. Deboarah Harry – End Of The Run


The physicality:


thumbnail (1)

robert pollard’s cock, seemingly


thumbnail (6)

kicker loves those noisy guys



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  1. Will Neville says:

    The Ski Sunday music sounds like Bach as it is actually “Pop Looks Bach” by Sam Fonteyn!

  2. Will Neville says:

    Can I mitigate that by saying I just Googled it…?

  3. […] Synthetic Villains by Synthetic Villains [as heard on podcast 95] […]

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