On my first playlist of the year, I wanted to round up a bunch of songs that I really liked from 2018, but that I couldn’t squeeze into my Best of 2018 podcast.

CD Cover

the future looks bright


Some of these can be heard on Spotify…


and some of them can’t…


This is the order I think they work best in…

  1. The Lovely Eggs – Friendship Is A Beautiful Thing
  2. Madensuyu – Ill Timed
  3. Amyl & The Sniffers – I’m Not A Loser
  4. Heads Off – In My Head
  5. Mush – Dopamine Loops
  6. Idles – Danny Nedelko
  7. Dust From 100 Yrs – Bad Shit
  8. Go-Kart Mozart – When You’re Depressed
  9. Bas Jan – King Of The Holloway Road
  10. Courtney Barnett – City Looks Pretty
  11. Guided By Voices – You Own The Night
  12. of Arrowe Hill – The Darling Of The Demimonde
  13. John MOuse – With These Hands (I’ll Rip Out Your Heart)
  14. Eureka California – I Can’t Look In Yr Direction
  15. Rex Apple – Little Bit
  16. Mythical Motors – Preordained Sunshine
  17. Thee Mightees – Einbahnstrasse
  18. Hello Whirled – Skeleton Of Hope
  19. Honey Radar – English Costume (Rainbird)
  20. Mudhoney – 21st Century Pharisees
  21. JD Meatyard – The Outsider
  22. The Cleaners From Venus – Timothy Silverspoon
  23. Von Hayes – Hey Gary (Let It Rolls)
  24. Rick Rude – Dollyhook
  25. Tremolo Ghosts – Devourer
  26. Tapes & Tubes – Horse Trailer


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Wizard-in-Chief for Trust The Wizards music podcast and blog. Guided By Voices fanatic.

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