There’s something extraordinary going on in Lincolnshire next month.

Four musicians are heading to a remote cottage to record an album. They are going to record, produce and release a song every 2 hours on the hour. All the songs will be deleted forever at 9 a.m. on the Monday morning.

The disposable heroes behind this ingenious project are John MOuse and his long-time collaborator P.Pearce. These are the same pair responsible for one of 2018’s most idiosyncratic and intriguing albums “Replica Figures” [check out our review]

Initially MOuse challenged Pearce to record an album in a weekend, only for Pearce to add in some additional rules “in response to the disposability and instant gratification we now expect as music consumers.”

  • The songs will be uploaded to John Mouse Bandcamp page and be available for free download for the duration of the weekend.
  • 10 songs in all, all recorded, mastered and published. 5 on Saturday, 5 on Sunday. (10am, midday, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm).
  • Limited instrumentation, 4 musicians (MOuse, Pearce, Faye Davies and John Hodges)
  • All captured live and broadcast via different social media platforms

When asked how much prior preparation was being done, MOuse told Trust the Wizards “I am writing a bunch of stories to use lyrics from, and I know that Phil is putting together some drum sequences and synth lines as guides that we may then use or just scrap.”

The 4 musicians will be alone in the house except for Rhiannon Davies and Julie Prance who will be filming, taking photos and streaming stuff live alongside creating artwork for each song.

Other than that MOuse explains “we will be armed with nothing more than the bones of previous working relationships and the crisp winter Fens air.”

It all takes place the weekend of 16th/17th February and you can follow this wonderfully creative project using the links below.


John MOuse is also playing live supporting one of our favourite bands The Wave Pictures in Bristol on 29th January.

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