An unexpected (and, frankly, unwanted) guest kick-starts this podcast by unceremoniously interrupting Kicker’s filthy secret and encouraging him to play his favourite songs of the year.

As well as an aural smorgasbord of delight, we also get to hear one of Chorizo’s best ever musical anecdotes, and there’s a quiz! Yes, a quiz!!


sing along everyone

You can tune in by clicking on the thing below this sentence for a full 90 minutes (plus extra time) of end to end action.


Alternatively, you can just imagine the whole thing with, no doubt, improved witty chat between songs by reading through the tracklist here:

  1. They Might Be Giants – The Greatest
  2. Guided By Voices – Blink Blank
  3. Firestations – Build A Building
  4. Gruff Rhys – No Profit In Pain
  5. The Moles – Moon In The Daytime
  6. The Goon Sax – We Can’t Win
  7. The Monochrome Set – I Feel Fine (Really)
  8. Hi-Fi Sean & David McAlmont – Transparent (Part One)
  9. Half Man Half Biscuit – Every Time A Bell Rings
  10. The Astounds – New Eater Of Rainclouds
  11. Benjamin Shaw – Hole
  12. The Coke Dares – Came To Shit
  13. Astral Swans – Blow Away
  14. Interrobang – Curmudgeon
  15. Amen Dunes – Miki Dora
  16. Wurld Series – Indiana Buzzing
  17. The Ocean Party – White Cockatoo
  18. RVG – Vincent Van Gogh
  19. The Breeders – All Nerve
  20. Babybird – Alcoholic
  21. Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – Talking Straight
  22. Spare Snare – Grow
  23. The Gentleman Losers – Night Falls In Nowhereland



What all the cool kids are wearing…

What all the cool kids are listening to…


If you enjoyed this podcast, watch out for a quick sharp follow up with Chorizo’s Best of 2018 soon upon us, and if you didn’t enjoy this one, you’ll be relieved to know the next one is much better.

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Wizard-in-Chief for Trust The Wizards music podcast and blog. Guided By Voices fanatic.

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  4. […] Podcast 85: Kicker’s favourite songs 2018 […]

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