You can keep yer Coachellas and  yer Glastonburys. The world’s greatest festival happens every July in an old trainyard in Derbyshire. With owls.

Still suffering from their post-Indietracks comedown, the wizards Chorizo and Rebel got together on Monday night to review the weekend’s jollities and play a few songs from some of the bands we loved there.

Blimey, they even wrote a song about the festival which you can hear at the end, recorded in one take by the way because we’re lo-fi purists.

Listen to the podcast right here or on Soundcloud below.

Here are the songs played on the podcast, click on the links to buy them:

  • No Moon – Chorusgirl (from the album Chorusgirl)
  • Wonderboys – Pillow Queens (from the Calm Girls EP)
  • On Tiptoes (Marc Riley session version) – Crumbs (from the album Mind Yr Manners)
  • No-One – Peaness (from the No Fun EP)
  • Barcode Punk – Milky Wimpshake (from the album Bus Route To Your Heart)
  • Straight Lines – Shopping (from the single Straight Lines)
  • It Only Works Because You’re Here – MJ Hibbett & The Validators (from the album Regardez Ecoutez Repetez)
  • Margot – Charmpit (from the Jelly EP)
  • If You Don’t Pull – The Just Joans (from the Love & Other Hideous Accidents EP)
  • Strange Fruit For David – The Wave Pictures (from the album Instant Coffee Baby)
  • I Was Born on the Wrong Day – Cate Le Bon (from the album Crab Day)
  • Get Down to Indietracks – Rebel Rikkit and Chorizo Garbanzo (recorded in one take like the true lo-fi purists we are and unavailable elsewhere thankfully!)

There were another couple of bands that we saw some of who we totally forgot to mention in the podcast, so many apologies to Enderby’s Room and Baby Arms who were both great. We’ll play tracks by both of them on our next podcast to make up for it.

Have a look at some of our photos from the weekend below but also check out these far better photos by Matthew Schwartz and read this great article by Pete Darrington explaining why this festival is so special.

Also check our Youtube channel over the next few days for some videos.


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