Henry VIII opens this podcast assisted by his most trusted Minister Thomas Cromwell broadcasting from all the way back in 1536 (as up to date as ever then Ed).

The Greatest Song Writing Partnership of All Time?

To embrace the regal theme the wizards choose the rock and roll royal family as well as playing new releases, reviewing gigs and setting us all up for the 2017 Indietracks Festival.

Dear Listener, click here to listen or down there for the full soundcloud experience.



Track listing, Notes and References

  • 2 Minutes: Delta 5, Mind Your Own Business Find out more here
  • 6 Minutes: Herman Hermits, I’m Henry The VIII (see The Hermits punk Medley here)
  • 11 Minutes: The Creature Comfort, 1,000 Miles (buy here )
  • 13 Minutes: Charmpit, Free the Burbs (buy here)

  • 20 Minutes: Debate to choose Rock and Roll Royal Family
  • 27 Minutes: King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Vomit Coffin (buy here)
  • 30 Minutes:King Tubby,Woodham Slide
  • 37 Minutes: Radiohead post OK Computer debate and gig review
  • 46 Minutes:Radiohead, Daydreaming
  • 55 Minutes:Billy Momo, Seven Rivers Wild (buy here)
  • 59 Minutes:Gisele Pape, Moissonner (buy here)

  • 70 Minutes: Come on down to the Indie Tracks festival (Tickets till available here)
  • 77 Minutes: Model Village, Time To Share (buy here)
  • 80 Minutes: Garden Centre, Scrap Yard (buy here)


2 responses »

  1. Will Neville says:

    Another top listen – a reassuring lack of mentions for King Crimson or Queensrÿche. And a nice surprise mention for me 🙂

    • rebelrikkit says:

      Hi Will Glad you enjoyed it. The rock Royalty question has been fascinating me for years and I am sure there are loads more we could have included. I harbour a secret desire to index all Roack and Roll royalty but can’t seem to find the time. Happy to mention you Will and enjoyed reading your Gang of Four / Numan blog. I also know a few Numan songs well and have tried to listen to more of the cannon and not got much out of it. All The Best.

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