If you’re a fan of band in-fighting, and, frankly, who isn’t? – this podcast will be right up your 4-Way Street. The undoubted talents of David Crosby, Stephen Stills, Graham Nash and Neil Young combined with their undoubted egos make for quite the tale as we consider the merits of the CSN&Y album, Deja Vu and the Neil Young solo album that followed, After The Goldrush.

Just look at those happy faces!

You can find out what we made of both albums by clicking on the image below.

Kicker mentioned putting together a playlist of Neil Young Piano songs, but Mr Young doesn’t make it very easy to share his songs online (rightly, I guess), so here’s a list for you to put the playlist together yourselves. Please let us know what we need to add!


After The Goldrush

Borrowed Tune

Love In Mind

My Heart

It’s A Dream

A Man Needs A Maid




Journey Through The Past

Speakin’ Out

Our chats about the previous tapes can be found where you found this one.

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  1. rawgod says:

    You could add Ohio to that list. Today is the 53rd anniversary of The Kent State Massacre. Ohio is Neil Young at his best!

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