With new tracks galore from Chuck Prophet, Pulco and Picturebox and an exclusive from Martin Newell to share, the wizards are back and flouting all media restrictions.


There are also tense reviews of both the new albums from Violent Femmes and Future Of The Left, and the thrilling tale of Rebel Rikkit nearly buying two records to enjoy.

To listen, download and love either click here or follow the soundcloud thing below.

Some of the physicality from the show:

You can read more about Alex Nieto and ‘Death by Gentrification’ by clicking on the link.

It would also be great of you could help support independent music by getting the Pulco EP here and the Picturebox album here.

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  1. The tracks we played on this show were:

    1. The Lucid Dream – Bad Texan
    2. Iggy Pop & James Williamson – Kill City
    3. Tremolo Ghosts – Losers
    4. Sweaty Palms – Grey Existence
    5. The Bellrays – Blues For Godzilla
    6. Chuck Prophet – Alex Nieto
    7. Fatima Al Qadiri – Power
    8. Robert Pollard – Of Course You Are
    9. The Nosuns – Professor 200
    10. The Wimmins’ Institute – Mansplaining
    11. Roland Janes – Guitarville
    12. Violent Femmes – What You Really Mean
    13. Future Of The Left – The Limits Of Battleships
    14. Pulco – Homemade
    15. Picturebox – Garden Song
    16. Martin Newell – Victorian Doll

  2. Another great pod – and another CD ordered as a result (Tremolo Ghosts)…

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