Kicker and Rebel are sent on a fact finding mission to North Wales to see what this All Tomorrow’s Parties Festival is all about.


sun, sea and sleaford mods (none of which were sampled)

Listen to their increasingly tired and emotional reflections on three days of top-notch music and comedy right here.

See the Bellrays performance here

Then thrill to some poor quality visual records of each day below.


Trash Kit, The Nightingales, Richard Dawson, Roky Erickson


The Raincoats, The Bevis Frond, Datblygu, The Blue Aeroplanes, The Ex, Giant Sand, The Fall, The Bellrays


Stewart Lee, Alasdair Roberts, Dave Graney & The Mistly, Flamin Groovies, Mission Of Burma

And the setlist from the find of the weekend, Dave Grainey…


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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed listening to that.
    Sounds like a great weekend, sad that I missed out but comforted by the fact that I saw a brilliant Future of the Left gig instead.
    Good to hear that Wojtek from Blue Aeroplanes is still going strong. Particularly sad that I missed them, Nightingales and Mission of Burma. Don’t know Trash Kit but from your review I get the idea they might be my kind of thing.
    Still not convinced about Richard Dawson though, he just sounds like a poor man’s Edward Barton to me.

  2. Great to hear – would love to make it to ATP one year, sounds like a top line-up. I now need to dig out the Dave Graney album I have (Night Of The Wolverine from 1993). Would love to see the Blue Aeros again (I last saw them in 1994), and would have been great to see Roky Erickson, The Flamin’ Groovies, Mission Of Burma, The Nightingales, The Bevis Frond, The Raincoats, Datblygu, Damon & Naomi and The Wolfhounds. And it’s always a treat to see The Fall

    • Thanks, Will. Funnily enough it turns out I also have that Dave Graney album you mention but don’t recall ever listening to it. It sounded pretty fine last night – I am particularly keen on the song full of ‘fuck-off’s (no surprise there). My first time seeing the Blue Aeroplanes – a fab live act – The Flamin Groovies were a bit of a let down and The Fall aren’t worth seeing these days in my opinion. Mission of Burma are a must see though and you know what you’re going to get with The Nightingales. Our other big find was The Ex and I reckon you’ll get a kick out of them too.

  3. I will certainly disagree on The Fall – my all-time favoourite band in the world ever that aren’t The Beatles, and one I have seen many times over the years – always a treat, even when they are in chaotic mode. The Ex are deffo now on my ‘to investigate’ list

    • Well, fair enough. I am a huge Fall fan and continue to buy their records. However the 2106 Fall really are a shadow of the band I first saw in 1987 despite always being the same, always different, etc.

  4. Hmm, which track has all the swearing on? I must have missed that due to background listening!

  5. HalfEdgeMedia says:

    Death By A Thousand Sucks is from the album “Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye” which was a “Dave Graney Show” release

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