To celebrate Valentine’s Day, the 3 wizards have each chosen a suitable love song.

Rebel Rikkit’s choice: “Hold Me” by Damien Dempsey
The image of the bareknuckle fighting stoner singing so directly about their desire to enter into a physical sexual interaction is one of the most disarming and moving feelings anyone can have. Why mess about with coded romantic messages, let’s get it out there my love come on and “softly sweetly kiss my lips” Oooow Damien stop it, you’re making me blush!

Chorizo Garbanzo’s choice: “Orange Coloured Sky” by Screaming Jay Hawkins
It’s one of those love songs where the protagonist gets bowled off their feet by some divine vision of loveliness powerful enough to cause hallucinations of sky turning orange, purple striped and green polka dots. Nat “King” Cole’s version is the famous one but the tempo changes and typically unhinged vocals on the Screaming Jay version do a better job of capturing the joyful abandon of reason that is falling of love.


Kicker of Elves’ choice: “Whole Wide World” by Wreckless Eric
The best punk love song. Love is all about possibilities and this song gives us plenty. Oh it’s also all about delusion too.


A bit of bonus information: 

Haddaway and Howard Jones both memorably posed the question “what is love?”

Well, according to my Itunes library……

  • love is a four letter word
  • love is a long road
  • love is a losing game
  • love is a luxury I can no longer afford
  • love is a memory
  • love is a phase
  • love is a poison
  • love is a rose
  • love is a sign
  • love is a treasure
  • love is a wonderful thing
  • love is best
  • love is better than a warm trombone
  • love is blindness
  • love is crimson
  • love is dead
  • love is everything
  • love is fair
  • love is gonna let me down
  • love is hard enough
  • love is hell
  • love is here and now you’re gone
  • love is here to stay
  • love is in my soul
  • love is in the ear of the listener
  • love is infectious
  • love is insane
  • love is letting go
  • love is lies
  • love is like a bottle of gin
  • love is like a cigarette
  • love is like a newborn child
  • love is like a heatwave
  • love is like jazz
  • love is lost
  • love is noise
  • love is only mine
  • love is ours
  • love is pain
  • love is red/green
  • love is strange
  • love is suicide
  • love is sweeping the country
  • love is the answer
  • love is the drug
  • love is the key
  • love is the only thing
  • love is to die
  • love is too small a word
  • love is what we need
  • love is where it is
  • love is alive in my heart

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