The wizards learn all about bathroom etiquette from the get-go on this globally-reaching show.


note lack of queue

And despite struggling with not one, but two foreign tongues, they still find time to play a whole bunch of cracking new music including an exclusive new track, all the way from Chattanooga, from Mythical Motors. Oh, yes.

Check out all the usual nonsense right here and there:

Some of the physicality from the show:


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  1. Your runners and riders were:

    1. X-Ray Spex – Germ-Free Adolescents
    2. Halfsour – Employees Must Wash Hands
    3. Floyd Cramer – Fancy Pants
    4. Mik Artistik’s Ego Trip – Little Bit Of Elvis
    5. Yorkston/Thorne/Khan – Knochentanz
    6. La Gossa Sorda – De Cara A La Paret
    7. Brian Eno – Here He Comes
    8. The Make-Up – Born On The Floor
    9. The Wolfhounds – Rats On A Raft
    10. The Leaf Library – Slow Spring
    11. Mythical Motors – Broken Indian Toy Tambourine
    12. Eureka California – Sign My Name With An X
    13. Giant Giant Sand – Forever And A Day
    14. VED – Looney Tubas
    15. The New Year – My Bleeding Wound

    And there was a Kicker’s Question to mull over…

    Which Husker Du song steals liberally from The Replacements?

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