So, two wizards meet up with both our listeners at the Arts Club in Liverpool to catch a trio of trios and three turns out to be very much the magic number.

2016-05-04 21.22.03 2016-05-04 20.28.52 2016-05-04 19.38.39

We get to see Osaka’s Shonen Knife, Cincinnati’s Leggy and Liverpool’s own Good Grief on a night where we firmly believe music might just save your life.

Have a listen to our predictions and reflections and the musings of a real musician in the form of Will out of off of Good Grief, who very politely bats away our ridiculous questions about half way through.

[Unfortunately we had some technical issues with sound towards the end of this recording, but soldier through to make sure you don’t miss out on Chorizo’s never-less-than-mildly-entertaining anecdote and a mention of David Seaman.]

You can download here or just listen down there.

Some more dodgy pictures taken while bouncing up and down and smiling more than we ever knew was possible:

2016-05-04 19.38.25

good grief

good grief

2016-05-04 20.28.52 2016-05-04 20.40.21



2016-05-04 21.21.58

shonen knife

shonen knife

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  1. An enjoyable listen, despite the technical hitches. The bison song goes under the names “Bear Up Bison” and “Making Plans For Bison”, and the drummer is Risa not Lisa… what was the Good Grief track you played, as that was my favourite from the set!

  2. And the song about chips is actually “Banana Chips” not “Burger and Chips”!

  3. […] Shonen Knife – Arts Club, Liverpool, 4/5/16 – review […]

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