The Wizards turn their attention to offence in music and introduce guidance to assist the more timid amongst us with the “Offenceometer” to warn more fragile souls when adult themes are present.

They cover all areas of offence including sex, drugs, violence, language and wonder if those things offend anymore. Yet note that ideas are much more offensive than words. Then in a misguided turn they go in search of the most offensive song ever and make disturbing findings.

To hear this coherently argued thesis (Ed: Steady On!) just click here or the Soundcloud thing down there.


And if you enjoy this kind of thing be sure to check out our Swearing Special podcast from 2013 because it’s fucking great.

Tracklisting, notes and references: (Spoiler alert!)

  • 1 minute: Jamie West, I Am Just a Pop Song [Buy Album]
  • 4 minutes: Trio, Da Da Da
  • 10 minutes: The Sex Organs, Lubrication. [Buy album]
  • 13 minutes: The Scars, Horrorshow [Big Gold Dream documentary no longer on BBC Iplayer but this playlist is]
  • 24 minutes: Bomb The Bass, Bug Powder Dust (featuring Justin Warfield)
  • 29 Minutes: Coloringbook, Tripping Dove (Offensive? video below)

  • Offense in music debate sparked by the campaign to remove the Anti Nowhere League from the rebellion festival.  Wherever you stand on this issue you can vote to exclude the band here and vote to keep them in here 
  • Is Lou Reed Transphobic? Read more here
  • 45 minutes: The Anti Nowhere League, So What (The band confirm that they are still on the bill for Rebellion Festival that runs between 3 and 6th August in Blackpool)
  • 52 minutes: Sleaford Mods, Dull [buy album]
  • 55 minutes: Jackal Trades, Celebrity Mourning is the New Rock and Roll. [buy album]
  • 67 minutes: Playboy Manbaby, Cadillac Car [buy album]
  • 70 minutes: the search for the most offensive song ever made. Examples below (watch at your own risk):



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  1. Caleidisco says:

    Thank you for featuring my song! Hilarious review of the video, lol. Coloringbook is now called “Caleidisco”. Also, while I am argentinian-american I actually live in the states 🙂 New website here:

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