Essex legend Kunt and the Gang played a gig in a Liverpool pizza bar last week and our wizard Chorizo Garbanzo was there to witness it.

Have a listen here.

Download his review right here.

WARNING: Podcast contains lots of swearing including fuck, cunt and wank.


an ejaculating penis



One of these men is a cunt and that’s an actual fact.

And whilst you’re here, you might like our podcast number 12, the swearing special.

Obligatory shit quality gig photo

Obligatory shit quality gig photo

About chorizogarbanzo

One of the Wizards on the legendary Trust The Wizards podcast.

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  1. Good work, Chorizo. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing about your adventure in downtown pizzaland despite both a disturbing reference to a half naked Rebel Rikkit and some rapant anti-beardism. As a bearded man myself, I would like to clarify that my beard very much covers a multitude of chins.

  2. rebelrikkit says:

    Chorizo Great Work. BTW that was not a dream airing the Pork Sword at festival is an old wizard tradition.

  3. […] you liked that, then there’s loads more Kunt songs in our live review podcast of Kunt & The Gang’s Liverpool gig in […]

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