The 7th of April last year (remember that?) saw the release of what was deemed to be the 100th album from prolificacy’s poster-boy, Robert Pollard. This was marked by the release of a stunning 12″ x 12″ coffee-table book featuring the artwork from each album and when put all together looks like this:


Having reorganised (this part of) my Robert Pollard vinyl collection, it then became obvious that I needed to undertake a chronological listening experience that would inevitably lead to a Trust The Wizard’s favoured ‘one from each’ list, where I choose my favourite track from each release. This proved to be much easier in some cases than others and, of course, is open to change each time I listen to particular records (hello, Bee Thousand), where it was like choosing your favourite child, or doughnut. Impossible.

Nevertheless, here is what I have gone with.

  1. Like I Do (Guided By Voices – Forever Since Breakfast, 1986)
  2. The Tumblers (Guided By Voices – Devil Between My Toes, 1987):
  3. Trap Soul Door (Guided By Voices – Sandbox, 1987)
  4. The Great Blake Street Canoe Race (Guided By Voices – Self-Inflicted Aerial Nostalgia,1989)
  5. Club Molluska (Guided By Voices – Same Place The Fly Got Smashed, 1990)
  6. Over The Neptune/Mesh Gear Fox (Guided By Voices – Propeller, 1992)
  7. Gleemer (The Deeds Of Fertile Jim (Guided By Voices – Vampire On Titus, 1993)
  8. Smothered In Hugs (Guided By Voices – Bee Thousand, 1994)
  9. Crutch Came Slinking (Guided By Voices – King Shit And The Golden Boys, 1995)
  10. My Valuable Hunting Knife (Guided By Voices – Alien Lanes, 1995)
  11. No Sky (Guided By Voices – Under the Bushes Under the Stars, 1996)
  12. Psychic Pilot Clocks Out (Robert Pollard – Not In My Airforce, 1996)
  13. Unbaited Vicar Of Scorched Earth (Guided By Voices – Tonics and Twisted Chasers, 1996)
  14. Now To War (Guided By Voices – Mag Earwhig!, 1997)
  15. Subspace Biographies (Robert Pollard – Waved Out, 1998)
  16. Powerblessings (Robert Pollard – Kid Marine, 1999)
  17. Dogwood Grains (Nightwalker – In Shop We Build Electric Chairs: Professional Music By Nightwalker 1984-1993, 1999)
  18. Liquid Indian (Guided By Voices – Do the Collapse, 1999)
  19. Pop Zeus (Robert Pollard With Doug Gillard – Speak Kindly Of Your Volunteer Fire Department, 1999)
  20. Wondering Boy Poet (Guided By Voices – Briefcase (Suitcase Abridged: Drinks And Deliveries), 2000
  21. A Farewell To Arms (Hazzard Hotrods – Big Trouble, 2000)
  22. Pivotal Film (Guided By Voices – Isolation Drills, 2001)
  23. 7th Level Shutdown (Robert Pollard And His Soft Rock Renegades – Choreographed Man Of War, 2001)
  24. Stifled Man Casino (Airport 5 – Tower In The Fountain Sparks, 2001)
  25. Apparent The Red Angus (Circus Devils – Ringworm Interiors, 2001)
  26. However Young They Are (Airport 5 – Life Starts Here, 2002)
  27. It Is Divine (Go Back Snowball – Calling Zero, 2002)
  28. Dungeon Of Drunks (Acid Ranch – Some Of The Magic Syrup Was Preserved, 2002)
  29. Storm Vibrations (Guided By Voices – Universal Truths and Cycles, 2002)
  30. Action Speaks Volumes (Guided By Voices – The Pipe Dreams Of Instant Prince Whippet, 2002)
  31. Soldiers Of June (Circus Devils – The Harold Pig Memorial, 2002)
  32. Harrison Adams (Robert Pollard – Motel of Fools, 2003)
  33. Society Dome (Lifeguards – Mist King Urth, 2003)
  34. A Good Looking Death (Phantom Tollbooth – Beard Of Lightning, 2003)
  35. My Kind Of Soldier (Guided By Voices – Earthquake Glue, 2003)
  36. Sick Color (Circus Devils – Pinball Mars, 2003)
  37. Their Biggest Win (Robert Pollard – Fiction Man, 2004)
  38. Everybody Thinks I’m A Raincloud (When I’m Not Looking) (Guided By Voices – Half Smiles Of the Decomposed, 2004)
  39. Dolphins Of Color (Circus Devils – Five, 2005)
  40. Invisible Train To Earth (Guided By Voices – Briefcase 2: The Return Of Milko Waif, 2005)
  41. I’m Not Looking (Acid Ranch – As Forever: A Manifesto of Fractured Imagination And Wreckless Living, 2005)
  42. U.S. Mustard Company (Robert Pollard – From A Compound Eye, 2006)
  43. Be It Not For The Serpentine Rain Dodger (The Takeovers – Turn To Red, 2006)
  44. Jesus The Clockwork (Psycho And The Birds – All That Is Holy, 2006)
  45. Death Of The Party (Keene Brothers – Blues And Boogie Shoes, 2006)
  46. Pegasus Glue Factory (Robert Pollard – Normal Happiness, 2006)
  47. Lie To The Rainbow (Acid Ranch – The Great Houdini Wasn’t So Great, 2007)
  48. Circle Saw Boys Club (Robert Pollard – Silverfish Trivia, 2007)
  49. Pretty Not Bad (The Takeovers – Bad Football, 2007)
  50. Swing Shift (Circus Devils – Sgt. Disco, 2007)
  51. Miles Under The Skin (Robert Pollard – Coast to Coast Carpet of Love, 2007)
  52. Shadow Port (Robert Pollard – Standard Gargoyle Decisions, 2007)
  53. Love Your Spaceman (Robert Pollard – Superman Was a Rocker, 2008)
  54. Enon Beach (Psycho And The Birds – We’ve Moved, 2008)
  55. Weatherman And Skin Goddess (Robert Pollard – Robert Pollard Is Off To Business, 2008)
  56. Go For The Exit (Boston Spaceships – Brown Submarine, 2008)
  57. Stars, Stripes And Crack Pipes (Circus Devils – Ataxia, 2008)
  58. The Butler Stands For All Of Us (Robert Pollard – The Crawling Distance, 2009)
  59. Keep Me Down (Boston Spaceships – The Planets Are Blasted, 2009)
  60. In Your Hour Of Rescue (Circus Devils – Gringo, 2009)
  61. Nude Metropolis (Cosmos – Jar Of Jam Ton Of Bricks, 2009)
  62. Accident Hero (Robert Pollard – Elephant Jokes, 2009)
  63. Question Girl All Right (Boston Spaceships – Zero To 99, 2009)
  64. There Are Other Worlds (Guided By Voices – Briefcase 3: Cuddling Bozo’s Octopus, 2009)
  65. I Can See (Robert Pollard – We All Got Out Of The Army, 2010)
  66. Lurking (Circus Devils – Mother Skinny, 2010)
  67. Each Is Good In His Own House (Robert Pollard – Moses On a Snail, 2010)
  68. Unshaven Bird (Boston Spaceships – Our Cubehouse Still Rocks, 2010)
  69. Something Strawberry (Robert Pollard – Space City Kicks, 2011)
  70. Paradise Is Not So Bad (Lifeguards – Waving At Astronauts, 2011)
  71. Wish You Were Young (Mars Classroom – The New Theory Of Everything, 2011)
  72. Dunce Codex (Robert Pollard – Lord of the Birdcage, 2011)
  73. No Steamboats (Boston Spaceships – Let It Beard, 2011)
  74. Cyclopean Runways (Circus Devils – Capsized!, 2011)
  75. Laundry And Lasers (Guided By Voices – Let’s Go Eat The Factory, 2012)
  76. Dr. Time (Robert Pollard – Mouseman Cloud, 2012)
  77. Class Clown Spots A UFO (Guided By Voices – Class Clown Spots A UFO, 2012)
  78. Red Rubber Army (Robert Pollard – Jack Sells The Cow, 2012)
  79. White Flag (Guided By Voices – The Bears for Lunch, 2012)
  80. Biographer Seahorse (Guided By Voices – English Little League, 2013)
  81. I Killed A Man Who Looks Like You (Robert Pollard – Honey Locust Honky Tonk, 2013)
  82. Atlantic Cod (Teenage Guitar – Force Fields At Home, 2013)
  83. Idiot Tree (Circus Devils – When Machines Attack, 2013)
  84. Locomotion Blue Note (Circus Devils – My Mind Has Seen The White Trick, 2013)
  85. Tonight’s The Rodeo (Robert Pollard – Blazing Gentleman, 2013)
  86. Vote For Me Dummy (Guided By Voices – Motivational Jumpsuit, 2014)
  87. Males Of Wormwood Mars (Guided By Voices – Cool Planet, 2014)
  88. A Year That Could Have Been Worse (Teenage Guitar – More Lies From The Gooseberry Bush, 2014)
  89. Diamond Boys (Circus Devils – Escape, 2014)
  90. Mobility (Ricked Wicky – I Sell The Circus, 2015)
  91. Faulty Superheroes (Robert Pollard – Faulty Superheroes, 2015)
  92. Jargon Of Clones (Ricked Wicky – King Heavy Metal, 2015)
  93. Poor Substitute (Ricked Wicky – Swimmer To A Liquid Armchair, 2015)
  94. Hue N’ Dye (Circus Devils – Stomping Grounds, 2015)
  95. Linda’s Lottery (Guided By Voices – Briefcase 4: Captain Kangaroo Won The War, 2015)
  96. Little Pigs (Robert Pollard – Of Course You Are, 2016)
  97. Glittering Parliaments (Guided By Voices – Please Be Honest, 2016)
  98. Royal Cyclopean (ESP Ohio – Starting Point Of The Royal Cyclopean, 2016)
  99. Do The Nixon (Circus Devils – Laughs Last, 2017)
  100. Dr. Feelgood Falls Off The Ocean (Guided By Voices – August By Cake, 2017)

91% of these songs are currently available on Spotify:

Here are some of the others:

Not sure why Spotify has a live version of Trap Soul Door under Sandbox, but here’s the album version:

Finally, some statistics of note:



Band names

Song titles

UPDATE: There are 7 releases that could have been included in Robert Pollard’s first 100 ‘albums’, but weren’t.


For the completists, here are my selections from them:

  • If We Wait (Guided By Voices – Sunfish Holy Breakfast, 1996)
  • Alone, Stinking And Unafraid (Lexo And The Leapers – Ask Them, 1999):
  • I’m Dirty (Howling Wolf Orchestra – Speedtraps For The Bee Kingdom, 2000)
  • Avalanche Aminos (Guided By Voices – Daredevil Stamp Collector, 2001)
  • Look At Your Life (The Moping Swans – Lightninghead To Coffeepot, 2005)
  • Sucker Of Pistol City (Guided By Voices – Hold On Hope (Re-pressing), 2009)
  • UFO Nights (The Sunflower Logic – Clouds On The Polar Landscape, 2013)

Depending on where you are in the world, you can listen to most or all of these here:

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  1. Dave C says:

    Great list. The sheer volume of music Robert Pollard has put out under various guises is spectatularly ridiculous. Unearthing gems on each release is all part of the fun. Being a Pollard fan is addictive, infuriating and rewarding all at the same time!

  2. Graham says:

    At the swing shift.

    Oh, I’m losing it.

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