Well, hello again, and welcome to the brave new world of 2018. What could possibly go wrong this time?


To help you enjoy your undoubtedly temporary state of (blind) optimism, our Kicker has burbled on for a couple of hours while playing a lot of his favourite records of 2017, which you can download here or soundcloud there:



A slight disclaimer: This show was originally recorded as a demo for Dandelion Radio, but it was simply too hot for them to handle. Can you take it listener?

The songs played are:

  1. Circus Devils – Do The Nixon (Laughs Last)
  2. Tremolo Ghosts – Order For The New Slave Trade (Same Place The Fly Got Smashed)
  3. R. Ring – Cutter (Ignite The Rest)
  4. Friends Of Cesar Romero – Strumpet Sounds (I + IV + V E.P.)
  5. Flotation Toy Warning – King Of Foxgloves (The Machine That Made Us)
  6. Manray – Falling Off The Face Of The Earth (Falling Off The Face Of The Earth)
  7. Rob Rapp – Nitwit (unreleased)
  8. Vital Idles – The Garden (single)
  9. Deathcount In Silicon Valley – Voices (edit.) (Hex Void)
  10. Hulaboy – (Feels Like) The End (Split LP)
  11. LowMagic – Scarecrow (Keys To The Stranger’s Head Pt.1)
  12. Girl One And The Grease Guns – She’s A Calculator (Night Of The Living Electrical Appliances)
  13. Air-Sea Dolphin – Exploding (single)
  14. Heads Off – Hey You (Ad Absurdum)
  15. Little Whirls – For All Your Bebop Crimes (Rearrange The Comfort Zones)
  16. Jones – Today I Am Not Heartbroken (single)
  17. The World Of Dust – Tribal Memories (Golden Moon)
  18. Nathan Hall & The Sinister Locals – Song For The Flowers (Effigies)
  19. Graham Repulski – Bob For Uncles (I’m Even Younger Now)
  20. Jim White – Plywood Superman (Far From Mississippi: Live 2004 – 2014)
  21. Keith Seatman – Boxes With Rhythms In (All Hold Hands And Off We Go)
  22. Rectangle Creep – Whalin’ Jennings (Is Taking Drugs)
  23. Material Girls – I Just Wanna Fall In Love With Myself (MG VS IQ)
  24. R. Stevie Moore And Jason Falkner – I H8 PPL (Make It Be)
  25. Selectasound ’88 & The Bob Boon Singers – Tabou (Funky Chimes)
  26. John Stammers – Waiting Around (Waiting Around)
  27. Nadine Shah – Evil (Holiday Destination)
  28. Mick Trouble – Shut Your Bleeding Gob You Git (It’s The Mick Trouble EP)
  29. Mount Eerie – Emptiness pt. 2 (A Crow Looked At Me)

About kickerofelves1

Wizard-in-Chief for Trust The Wizards music podcast and blog. Guided By Voices fanatic.

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  1. Nice one Kicker. Loads of great songs there. Enjoyed very nearly all of them!
    Particular favourites were R.Ring, Manray, Girl One and the Grease Guns and Material Girls (very Cramps-y)

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  3. […] Podcast 82: Kicker’s favourite songs 2017 […]

  4. […] Podcast 82: Kicker’s favourite songs 2017 […]

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