We might have mentioned once or twice how much all we wizards love the guitar stylings of Chuck Prophet, both with his previous band Green On Red and solo. It will, therefore, come as no surprise then that we were all very excited about the prospect of catching Chuck and The Mission Express on their current UK tour. Hell, we even decided to drop him a line to ask if we could meet up and have a chat. As if.

IMG_0603Well, being a man of large heart and generous disposition (as well as having fine taste in obscure musical podcasts), Chuck made our year by agreeing to let us ask him a few of our fanboy questions. Having fought off illness in Manchester, he readied himself for a Paxmanesque grilling from our own Kicker of Elves when he caught up with him before the gig at The Trades Club in Hebden Bridge. Here’s what happened:

Part One

Chuck settles down to deal with questions about his touring schedule and playing in the UK. He also tells us about the new ‘Night Surfer’ album, glam rock and living dangerously.

Here’s one of many fantastic tracks on the new album:

And this is the Ezra Furman track that Chuck mentions:

Part Two

The conversation moves on to Green On Red and talk of some of Chuck’s musical heroes. He also chats about his guitar sound and playing in a band with his partner, but perhaps most importantly, he answers our infamous Breakfast Question.

Here’s a video of Green On Red more for the sound than the picture.

And here’s a song Willie Nelson needs to hear. (You can send us the requisite stamps and we’ll sort it out.)

Part Three

We now find out about Chuck’s taste in films and discuss his fantasy band line-up. He also takes us through some of his favourite songs and how he got Peter Buck on his new record. We also have a surprise visitor who regales us with tales of Neil Young.

Chuck doing it live:

Some of Chuck’s favourite songs:

Once again we would like to send our heartfelt thanks to Chuck for being so generous with his time and to all the brilliant members of The Mission Express whose soundcheck at Hebden Bridge was very much delayed (sorry about that!). Thanks also go to tour manager Chris Metzler for helping to set up our interview and to Andy Kershaw for seemingly doing the impossible and adding to what was already a great experience.


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Here are a few of our favourite Chuck Prophet songs:

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