It was great for Mrs Garbanzo and me to be back in our old stamping ground of Hammersmith last night.

We missed the support band (And Also the Trees) due to catching up in the pub with old pals Emma (the goth queen of NW10) and Simon (bassplayer extraordinaire & my former bandmate in The Smyths).

But we still got our money’s worth with a a 3 hour set from The Cure.

A few thoughts on the gig:

  • How come Robert Smith still looks and sounds EXACTLY the same? His voice was amazing throughout the whole gig. My theory is that the man who put the Crawley into creepy-crawly hibernates in some kind of cocoon.
  • The gig opened with 2 songs from “The Top” Then Robert Smith said something about playing the same venue 30 years ago with the same support band and that tonight’s set would have a lot of tracks from “The Top”. In fact they played all 10 songs from the album over the course of the set and some of them were amongst the highlights, especially Bird Mad Girl, The Caterpillar (my favourite), Give Me It and Wailing Wall with Robert playing some kind of recorder thingy.
  • Lots of hits in the early part of the set, Just Like Heaven! The Walk! In Between Days!
  • The next part of the show was aimed a bit more at the hardcore fans with less of the big hits and the occasional b-side thrown in. A few people moved further back and it was easy for us to get closer to the front during this section. I’d really wanted to hear some songs from disc 2 of “Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me” so for me the highlight of this bit was the brilliant Like Cockatoos.  Emma was particularly thrilled to hear one of her favourites From The Edge of The Deep Green Sea. There were 3 or 4 songs I didn’t know near the end of the main set, probably off the albums that came after “Disintegration” that I don’t really know.
  • They ended the first set with 100 Years (brilliant!) and the title track from “The Top”. The best thing in that song was one particular bass note that made the whole room resonate.
  • And talking of Simon Gallup, how cool does he look these days. He was dressed just like “Rude Boy” era Joe Strummer with the quiff, black shirt and red neckerchief. A great look whether it’s 1978 or 2014.
  • Lots of encores including a fantastic trio of songs from “Seventeen Seconds” concluding with “A Forest” played amidst a forest of green lasers.
  • The next encore was 3 songs from “Disintegration” and this was possibly my favourite bit of the night. Pictures of You followed by  Lullaby followed by Fascination Street. I love those Cure songs that have a lengthy instrumental section at the start and Pictures of You is one of the best examples of this. By the time the first vocals come in, there have already been a whole host of different bass / keyboard / guitar melodies introduced.
  • Lots of their best-known songs to finish with including Love Cats, Close to Me, Boys Don’t Cry and Why Can’t I Be You? before finishing with that song’s b-side Hey You (“hey you, the one who looks like Christmas, come over here and kiss me kiss me”) That was the closest they got to a Christmas song. The slow doom-rock version of “Stop the Cavalry” that I had been talking about in the pub beforehand never materialised. Probably for the best.
  • So going back to my fantasy setlist from a couple of days ago, I got to hear 17 of the 40 songs I’d really hoped to hear and plenty of songs from the albums that I love the most (The Top, Head on the Door, Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me, Disintegration).

Here’s a playlist of what they actually played.

My fantasy setlist
The actual setlist

Thanks to Mrs Garbanzo and Emma for the photos.

More videos from Mrs Garbanzo’s phone below:

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