We’re back and this time around the wizards find themselves ensconced deep into the night unearthing forgotten gems from the 80s, discussing the merits of bands recording more than one album, and celebrating the nation of Belgium. All without mentioning waffles.

No waffle about waffles

No waffle about waffles

Also you can vote in our poll to settle this debate once and for all.


And here’s a gallery of some of the records / CD we played.

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  1. Track listing:
    1. What Goes On – The Velvet Underground
    2. Psychic Pilot Clocks Out – Robert Pollard
    3. Oscar Levant – Barrence Whitfield & The Savages
    4. Anywhere On This Road – Lhasa De Sela
    5. Blinds – Bed Rugs
    6. Hoots Mon – Lord Rockingham’s XI
    7. Poetry And Jazz – John Otway
    8. The Frankfurt Kitchen – Rotifer
    9. Desperate – Ugly Heroes
    10. Kin Trailzz – Noun Verb Adjective
    11. Fresh Baguettes – Son Of Salami
    12. Giant Tortoise – Pond
    13. Greenlander – Pavement
    14. Oblivious – Aztec Camera

    Kicker’s Questions:
    a) Which band supported Peter Gabriel on his first solo performance after leaving Genesis and got booed off?
    b) What was the first album Daniel Lanois produced?

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