Having opted to attend the Manchester gig rather than Coventry on the recent Springsteen tour, that meant I didn’t get to take part in the 48 hour marathon queueing session to get a good spot at the front that the other 2 wizards enjoyed/endured.

The night before the gig my fellow wizards informed me they were out in Coventry having a curry and that was all the encouragement I needed to text them a load of Bruce Springsteen-related curry house puns.


A couple of days later when I heard about their adventure on their excellent podcast from the pit, I felt there was something missing. Namely all these wonderful puns……

  • Dhansak in the Dark
  • Wrecking Balti
  • If I Should Phall Behind
  • 4th July Asbury Park (Passanda)
  • 57 Chanas And Nothing Naan
  • It’s Hard To Be A Saag in the City
  • Souls of the Dupiaza
  • 10th Avenue Jalfrezi
  • The Ties That Bhindi
  • Bhuna To Run
  • Vinda(loo) Let Me Be The One
  • We Tikka Care Of Our Own
  • Tarka-ness On The Edge of Town
  • Rosalita (Korma Out Tonight)
  • The Rice You Pay


And of course, you know who’s he married to, don’t you?

ChaPatti Scialfa!


"and I want to Drive all Night, just to buy you some shoes and to taste your Tandoor charms again"

“and I want to Drive all Night, just to buy you some shoes and to taste your Tandoor charms again”


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