We’re all very excited that Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band are about to hit the UK shores so we thought we’d record a “Springsteen Special” for all our friends and fellow Bruceophiles.


Bruce is very excited about all this

The Wizards’ love for all things Bruce bursts out in this special mammoth-sized two-part pod. Taking their cue from the 3 hour Springsteen sets of previous gigs, the Wizards open their souls and talk about their ‘Roads to Bruce’, their live experiences and select some choice tracks for your delectation.

The hoopla hits even headier heights with the world premiere of a brand new game show “Name That Bruce” and a one-off performance from The F Street Band that leaves it up to the listener to decide what the F might stand for.

name that tune bruce springsteen

But that’s not the end of our Bruce-related activity here at Trustthewizards.com. There are more blog posts on the way and remember to  follow us for live tweets from gigs inside and queues outside the tour venues!

Also listen to our other Springsteen special podcast here.

See you down the front at Coventry!

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  1. kickerofelves1 says:

    Track listing: all songs Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band except where noted

    PART 1: Light Of Day / Prove It All Night (’78 Intro) / Born To Run [Frankie Goes To Hollywood] / Thunder Road / Incident On 57th Street / The Promise

    PART 2: Men Without Women [Little Steven & The Disciples Of Soul] / My City Of Ruins / Worlds Apart / Long Time Comin’ / Freehold / Brilliant Disguise [Elvis Costello] / Thundercrack / Dancing In The Dark [The F Street Band]

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