It’s all about football! The European Championships! All About Football.  Nonsense! While the sweaty young men chase a ball around a field somewhere in France a more important competition is going on.  Yes, The Musical EUROs.  Just like the inferior Football counterpart 4 nations have got through to 6 group stages but this time with songs to represent their country.  So with 24 nations’ musical talisman in place, let battle commence.

So like, how’s that going to work? I hear you mumble!

2 Podcasts 6 polls and YOU! That’s all we need to decide what nation is the Champions of European music once and for all, or at least for the next 4 years.  Still confused? OK. Here are the instructions.

  1. Listen to the relevant podcast (Podcast 1 for groups A-C and Podcast 2 for groups D-F)
  2. Consider your musical preference for each group using whatever judging scheme you fancy and vote in the polls that are listed below

The Podcasts

The Polls

The Poll For Group A

The Poll For Group B

The Poll For Group C

The Poll For Group D

The Poll For Group E

The Poll For Group F

The winners of the group stages which, as we all know, conclude on 22nd June 2016 (UEFA Approved Deadline (at midnight for you late voters)) will go through to a knock out phase to pick the winner where I am confident the excitement will be palpable!!

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