The Wizards are back with a new podcast to download right here.


At last Sheffield gets its own Rock Song, Minnie Driver gets a Wizard response, Krautrock gets fisted and Van the Man gets hurled into the mystic.  Yes, it’s the Trust The Wizards Podcast –  two and a half hours of music mayhem and mirth.


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  1. Track listing:
    1. Nobody Loves Us – Morrissey
    2. My Friend My Enemy – Elektrik Kezy Mezy
    3. I Killed A Man Who Looks Like You – Robert Pollard
    4. It’s A Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl – Faust
    5. Bird Dance Beat – The Trashmen
    6. Heart Koala – Caves
    7. Roadkill – Biggles Flys Again
    8. Tiptoe Through The Inferno – MC 900 Ft. Jesus
    9. Today Is The Day – Yo La Tengo
    10. Cyprus Avenue – Van Morrison
    11. Shimmering Song – Nancy Elizabeth
    12. Alice Bird – The Moore Brothers
    13. Serotonin – Simple Kid
    14. Dress Sexy At My Funeral – Smog

    Kicker’s Questions:
    a) How does ‘Teenie’ Hodge link David Byrne and Cat Power?
    b) Where does Robert Pollard’s publishing name ‘Needmore Songs’ come from?

    Let us know any examples of support band triumphs or inappropriately paired acts too.

    Oh, and send us yer funeral songs, you happy so-and-sos.

  2. […] best song from the best album released this year. I have already talked about this at length on our podcast 13, but let me reiterate. I love the guitars that, with their open chords, seem to fly into the ether. […]

  3. […] Podcast number 13  ( […]

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