Chorizo Garbanzo and Kicker Of Elves make it to The Shipping Forecast in Liverpool without the fuel compromised Rebel Rikkit. They get to see 3 local bands before the magnificent Scott & Charlene’s Wedding storm the place.
The Shipping Forecast

The Shipping Forecast

Have a listen to their pre- and post-gig thoughts about young people’s footwear and their delight at seeing a guitar played with an iPhone right here.
First Up: the artist who may or may not go by the name of G.L.U.M.
G.L.U.M still
Followed By: When We’re West!
When We're West

When We’re West

The evening is building and who should appear?  It’s Mean Jean!

Mean Jean

Mean Jean

And then the Main Event: Scott & Charlene’s Wedding!!

Craig Dermody

Craig Dermody

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  2. […] up was Mean Jean, organisers of tonight’s gig and big favourites of the wizards from when we saw them supporting Scott & Charlene’s Wedding last August. They included some Festive 50 covers in their set including that Camper Van Beethoven […]

  3. […] Port In a Storm” was our Official Trust the Wizards Album of the Year™ in 2013 and we reviewed their Liverpool gig back in August of that year. They’re led by Craig Dermody who writes clever, reflective, […]

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