It’s been another bumper year for music in the O’Elves household, where extra shelves have been built (put together) to accommodate a whole bunch of great new stuff.

You can hear Kicker’s choice of his favourite 24 tracks from that little lot on two jam-packed sides of the show below:

Side A and Side B

Turn away now if you don’t want to know what’s on the list. Otherwise, here’s the run down:

  1. Low – Days Like These
  2. Astral Swans – Bird Songs
  3. Arab Strap – Fable Of The Urban Fox
  4. The Reds, Pinks & Purples – Don’t Ever Pray In The Church On My Street
  5. Psychic Flowers – Wondering
  6. Guided By Voices – Trust Them Now
  7. Telefis (Featuring Cathal Coughlan) – We Need
  8. Scott Lavene – The Ballad Of Lynsey
  9. Smug Brothers – That’s News I Could Have Used Yesterday
  10. Spare Snare – I Want To Follow
  11. Paul Jacobs – Your Last Words
  12. The Delines – Little Earl
  13. Wild Billy Childish & CTMF – Bob Dylan’s Got A Lot To Answer For
  14. Slonk – Postman
  15. Lewsberg – The Corner
  16. Wurld Series – Feeling Crushed
  17. Wet Leg – Chaise Longue
  18. The Cleaners From Venus – Everytime I Go Up
  19. Black Country, New Road – Track X
  20. The Declining Winter – Housing Tract Blues
  21. Yard Act – Dark Days
  22. Von Hayes – I Had No Idea It Was Today
  23. James Yorkston & The Second Hand Orchestra – Struggle
  24. William Doyle – I Need To Keep You In My Life

The physicality (where there was some):

As always, we urge you to support all the wonderful musicians involved in making our lives more tolerable by seeking them out on bandcamp (using the links above) and BUYING their stuff.

Streaming is for wimps. Thanks.

About kickerofelves1

Wizard-in-Chief for Trust The Wizards music podcast and blog. Guided By Voices fanatic.

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