Later than planned due to technical issues far too tedious to explain here, we are delighted to bring you Chorizo Garbanzo playing his favourite songs of 2021 and talking about them with his wizarding pal Kicker.

Here’s Side A…

… and here’s Side B.

Alternatively you can download Side A here and Side B here or listen via Soundcloud below.

This is the second of our end of year round-ups, go here to listen to Kicker’s selections .

Look away now if you don’t want to know the ingredients baked into this tasty musical cake.

Side A:

Fissured Ceramics – Dummy
Lese Mwen Ale – Delgres

Yeter – Kit Sebastian
Cream Militia – Regressive Left

Keep It Together – Pip Blom
Pure Particles – The Bug Club

Y Bywyd Llonydd – Carwyn Ellis
Llyn Llawenydd – Papur Wal

Blue Soul – Lost Horizons
Seen The Boreal – Hilang Child

Asdikte Akal – Mdou Moctar
Silver Breasts – The Surfing Magazines

Side B:

Helluva Summer – Randolph’s Leap
We Should Be Together – The Wedding Present featuring Louise Wener

Requests – So Cow
Ah Yeh – Beak>

Wild Bill – Opus Kink
How Does The Story Go – Sprints

Breathe, Howl, Flower Moon – Piney Gir
The First Time – Scott Lavene

Samurai Sword – Chad Vangaalen
No Connectioh – Cheekface

Look Over My Shoulder – David Boulter
Get Out – Don’t Worry

About chorizogarbanzo

One of the Wizards on the legendary Trust The Wizards podcast.

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  2. […] Podcast 120: Chorizo’s favourite songs 2021 […]

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