You can definitely believe us, we are not liars, it’s Bob Dylan’s 1966 double album masterpiece that’s under review.

Full libraries have previously been written about this album, but that doesn’t hold the wizards back from making their opinions known with insights such as ‘just look at that sideways cover’, etc. [Sake – TTW Ed]

We also managed to squeeze in a Dylan lyrics quiz for good measure. Check that out, and what we make of these 4 sides of peak Dylan, by clicking on the image below.

Chorizo also unearthed an old Mojo list of Dylan songs, where we found that they were completely wrong in their placement of the songs they included from Blonde On Blonde (see below), and an interesting article on the making of the album from one of the studio janitors (from Uncut magazine, June 2021).

86 Fourth Time Around

67 One of Us Must Know

59 Mephis Blues Again

58 Rainy day Women

28 I Want You

21 Visions Of Johanna

10 Just Like A Woman

3 Sad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands

Our chats about the previous tapes can be found where you found this one.

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