Whilst there might be some doubt as to the exact timing restrictions that were placed on what was allowed to be played on this landmark show, what is certain is that this is the 100th podcast that the wizards have released into the wild since those heady days of December 2012 when one song constituted a show.

To show just how far they have come, this centenary show features a whopping great 24 songs and a shedload of wizardy bantz to boot.


the songs have to be how long?

Many thanks to some of our online contributors: Balloon Man, Stevie Flaxen, Rockin’ Robot Forster, Nimrod X, Jack K, Connor Henricksen, Steve Tamburello, Dan Haywood, Richard J Turner, and The Cat & Drum Social (Distancing) Club who sent us song suggestions, some of which were exactly 1’40” (100 seconds = excellent), but most of which were simply top notch short songs (and therefore invalid according to KoE, but not according to C. Garbanzo) all of which can be found on our Twitter feed here: @trustthewizards.

We ignored all of them in any case, of course, and you can find what we actually played right here, and down there:


Turn away now if you don’t want to know what’s coming up. Otherwise, here’s what we played:

  1. Guided By Voices – Blimps Go 90
  2. 84 Nash – I’ve Got ‘Em All
  3. Dawn Of The Replicants – Sleepy Spiders
  4. Big Eyes – The Boo Girl
  5. The Slits – Shoplifting
  6. Clearance – She’s A Peach
  7. The Magnetic Fields – She Says Hello
  8. Frank Sidebottom – Estudiantes (Striped Shirts/Black Panties)
  9. Redbrick Shithouse – Someone
  10. Tramp Attack – Eight Years Since School
  11. Ken Nordine – Yellow
  12. P.J. Harvey – Snake
  13. Honey Radar – Cocaine Piano/Where’s The Pig?
  14. Tall Dwarfs – The Green Green Grass Of Someone Else’s Home
  15. Town Bike – Three Chords, Three Notes
  16. Elvis Presley – Thanks To The Rolling Sea
  17. Nervous Twitch – Jonny’s Got A Gun
  18. Von Hayes – Urinal Cookies
  19. The Pipettes – It Hurts To See You Dance So Well
  20. The Mountain Goats – Anti-Music Song
  21. Michael Cole & Michael Jessett – Fingerbobs Theme
  22. Kriss Foster – Vimto Song
  23. The Glass Delusion – The Society For The Prevention Of People Being Buried Alive
  24. Ian Dury & The Blockheads – Bus Driver’s Prayer


The physicality:


And she said “wow” a hundred times, not just for people people…

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Wizard-in-Chief for Trust The Wizards music podcast and blog. Guided By Voices fanatic.

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  1. Balloon Man says:

    I well remember the Sheffield Shite Core scene and can help Chorizo out by providing the full lyrics for Someone by the reclusive Redbrick Shithouse:

    Someone saw a miracle
    Someone saw a fake
    Someone’s feeling bitter
    Someone’s getting drunk

    Someone’s loving someone else
    Someone’s being shot
    Someone said that things change
    Someone said they don’t

    Somewhere someone’s saying things that make them want to cry
    Somewhere someone’s seeing things that make them want to lie

    Someone’s hearing voices
    Someone’s skin ain’t right
    Someone’s building bridges
    Someone’s selling God

    Someone’s gone the wrong way
    Someone’s wasting chances
    Someone’s put their hands up
    Someone stole your heart

    Someone lost their children
    Someone a joint
    Someone saw their judgement day
    Someone saw no hope

    Someone found religion
    Someone foots the bill
    Someone’s wearing flared jeans
    Someone flicked to kick

    Someone said the world stopped
    Someone said they loved me

    • Someone ROLLED a joint, I think, Quality lyrics nevertheless. Oh, what we would give to see the boys back on tour again (for the first time).

      • Balloon Man says:

        Ah yes, the perils of growing old and trying to type lyrics on a phone. Thanks for the correction Kicker!

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